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Former Employers:

I am no longer affiliated with my former employers, but have made friends, gained tremendous experience and parted company on an amicable basis in all cases. I donít (currently) compete with any of these companies, who are all high-quality organizations, are market leaders, and you could do a lot worse than start with these guys, either as service providers or as an employer.



Leading supplier of technology, project management and information solutions to the oil and gas industry


Wood Group

An international Energy Services company



The market leader in Intelligent Completions


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Brothers Reunited

If you ever worked for Schlumberger, in any capacity, you can track down long-lost friends and former colleagues on this site. Started a few years ago by my friends Anya Radeka and Ewan Makepeace and pre-dating the social networking craze, this site is going strong with over 20,000 members.

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USA: +1 713-819-3835

Norway: +47 47 68 3010

E-mail: david@db-oc.com